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Welcome to the Nazareth Phenomenon

Although mostly popular in the music field, Tibob de Nazareth is a film-maker and movie director. He is also a high-caliber writer/poet and a social activist. This site will allow you to discover some remarkable facets of this phenomenon.

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demoThese Forums are intended to be the most intense and ongoing expressions of artists, other industry agents and the public regarding the history and the trends affecting the Haitian Gospel Music world.

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THE ALBUMS SINGLES/DEMOS ARE OUT!!!! Albums Out in March 2014.

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THE ALBUMS SINGLES/DEMOS ARE OUT!!!! Tibob in Chili Nov 27-Dec2, in West Palm, FL on Dec 7, in Boston Dec 8; in Orlando Dec 21, in Boston Dec 22, in Santo Domingo Dec 24-26, in Ottawa Dec 26-Jan 1.

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New Upcoming Releases

demoTibob will release 2 albums at once "FILISTEN ANVAYI M" + "TOUTES OCCASIONS" due by First Quarter 2014. The latter CD contains songs for each occasion, from a Christian's perspective: Funeral, Mariage, Christmas, Valentine's, Anniversary, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Baptism, Conversion, Bible's Day, ThanksGiving etc... Singles from those albums will be released during the second semester of 2013.

Updated: September 10, 2013


Upcoming Events Near You

demoTibob in Phily Sep 14; West Palm Sep 21; Boston Sep 22; Spring Valley Sep 28; Atlantic City Sep 29; Alberta, CAN Oct 5-7; Guyane Oct 11-14; Montreal Oct 18-20; Bahamas Oct 26; Boston Oct 27; Atlanta Nov 2-3; France Nov 7-11; Port Charlotte Nov 16; West Palm Nov 23; Chili Nov 26-30

Updated: September 10, 2013


St Martin De Nazareth

demoAfter the Haiti Tour in June & July 2013, Tibob was trotting the globe to spread the word of God with both preaching and singing. People in all corners of the world seem to know most of his songs. He will be the first Haitian artist, Gospel and non-Gospel, to be in Alberta, Canada in October. He will also be in France in November and the first Gospel artist to minister in Chile in November.

Updated: September 10, 2013

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The First Meeting

In 2003-2004, while working on a video project for one of the Gospel artists I was promoting at the time, I got to meet the video producer in Connecticut (CT, USA). It was Tibob de Nazareth. I didn't know much about the guy then but his enthusiasm and passion for perfection caught my attention and we established contact right away. It was God's desire to set the two of us on a ministry journey that changed my life, his life and, today, millions of lives.

The Journey

With beautiful and inspiring songs revolutionizing the industry from Tibob's first Gospel album in 2005, the ministry took the Haitian nation by storm. Moreover, the thunderous and explosive nature of his LIVE ministry performances transformed the whole Gospel Music Industry while making Tibob de Nazareth a never-seen phenomenon. He does remind many of the very venerated RIGAUD DUVERNE, but the Nazareth movement has been undoubtedly a whole new experience for Haiti.

The Turning Point

Although Tibob's music captivated mind, body and soul, and made admirers and critics alike predict a revolution in the Gospel sector, it was his first ministry trip to Haiti in 2007-08 that, not only set him apart from everybody else, but also confirmed that Tibob was more than just music. With hundreds of thousands displaying how they were touched spiritually by his ministry in ways that defied both logic and expectations, Tibob was becoming a legend in the making, from an artistic standpoint, and a true channel through which God was touching millions.

The Ministry: Today & Beyond

Even Tibob himself, by ALL accounts, is totally astounded by what the Holy Spirit has been doing with him. He confessed many times to us and in public that he has no clue where God is taking him. Two Bible passages summarize it:

  • Psa 113:7-8 De la poussière il retire le pauvre, Du fumier il relève l'indigent, Pour les faire asseoir avec les grands, Avec les grands de son peuple. (He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, And lifteth up the needy from the dunghill; That he may set him with princes, Even with the princes of his people.)
  • Psa 108:13 Avec Dieu nous ferons des exploits. (With God we should do valiantly.)

Let's pray that he let himself be controlled, used and empowered by God as he has so far done. We believe what we've seen so far is nothing compared to the blessings Heaven will pour on more million lives, particularly on the people of Haiti, using Tibob's humility before the miracle that his ministry has become.

May God be with him. And please, keep the whole Nazareth Ministries, LLC team in your prayers. I know we have an infinite number of weaknesses. But we also believe that "we can do all things by Christ who strenghtens us". (Phil 4:13)

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The Testimonies

People from around the world are witnesses to what God is doing with Tibob his servant. CLICK HERE to read a few testimonies.

The Team

Tibob de Nazareth (artist & preacher); Beaudy Homicile (general manager, Boston); Jacob Tulias (Orlando/Canada); Paulette Cayo (Orlando); Simone Raymond (Orlando); Linda Castor (Montréal); Vivens Jecrois (Montreal); Emmanuel Daniel Coriolan (Montreal); Yolaine & Lorette & Martha & Calixte (Ottawa); Jasmire Gaétan (Ottawa); Nadège Noel (Orlando); Moise Thidas (Broward County, FL); Naama Mesadieu (Port Charlotte, FL); Patrick Massillon (South West Florida); Ray Piquion (Florida); Rose Marie (Florida); Peguy Bazile (France & Europe), Rev. Andre Muscadin (Haiti), Frantz Osirus (Cap, Haiti); Elima Raphael Mondésir (Cap, Haiti); Rev. Jean Cayo (Haiti); Jocelin Brise (Jacmel, Haiti); Yvon Louis (Spring Valley, NY); Stanley (Spring Valley, NY); Marie-Ange François (Brooklyn, NY); Eric (Philadelphia); Kato Sime (Boston); Hermane (Bahamas); Jocelyn & Agenord (Provo & Grand Turks); Fabre Johnson (St Martin, Martinique & Guadeloupe); Patricia (Aruba) and many more on their knees for the ministry days and nights.

The Musicians

We want to mention the band Chrysoprase from Cap-Haitien, Revelation de Port-au-Prince, and Maestro Jean-Max Poulard and his team for always accompanying Tibob in his several tours in haiti. Musicians from Grand Turks, Providenciales, Florida and Montreal, C2J Gospel band of Montreal are in our hearts. Musicians from Johnson Fabre in St Martin under the guidance of the great artist Marc G. Menard.

We'd also like to thank the hundreds of musicians all around the globe who take the time to learn Tibob's songs. The list is really long. Here are the Tibob's musicians, based in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. Some of them are not active anymore with the ministry, but their contribution is never forgotten. They are Chichi (guitar); Apollos (guitar); Toto (guitar); Sebastien Tertulien (guitar); Daniel Prinston (guitar); David Louissaint (bass); Bibi (bass); Dudley TiDoudou Ludger (bass & drums); Justin Louissaint (trumpet); Rex Louis (piano); Bazil David Alexandre (piano); Franckern Theophile (drums); Kiki (drums); Linda Castor & her 2 daughters (vocals); Soline Germain (vocals); Darlene Auguste (vocals); Carline Augustin (vocals); Martine Alleluia (vocals); Guerda Louis (vocals); Milcado Sylvain (vocals); Natacha Noisette (vocals).

Spriritually yours,

Beaudy Homicile, General Manager

Brother Beaudy Homicile

General Manager (Nazareth Ministries, LLC)

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A Musical Revolution for a Shower of Blessings
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