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Welcome to Tibob's Music

This section introduces you to the core principles and the fabric of Tibob's musical soul.

Tibob’s music is heart, sensation, feelings. His voice is penetrating, incisive and daring on the human soul. He has a way with his words entering our mind. The soft violence of his songs inflicts upon the conscience the depth of the night and the light of the dormant moon. No specific genre limits his talents; and the spiritual dimension of his lyre is a gift from Heaven.





New Upcoming Releases

demoAfter the very successful release of 2 albums in the beginning of the year (2014), Tibob is working on 5 CD projects: Herby Guillaume's, Roi David's and Prince Djecko's next album for 2015 and 2-French-Only albums to target the wider world French market of Africa, Europe and the Americas. For 2015, he also has his eyes set on shooting and editing 25 videos for 2 DVDs of 2 of his past CD projects: 77x7 fwa & Kretyen Boutlèg.

Updated: October 2, 2014


Upcoming Events Near You

demoTibob/Prince Djecko/Roi David in Maryland Oct 4; Phily Oct 5; Reading, PA Oct 11; Calgary, Canada Oct 12; Montreal Oct 18-19; Boston Oct 24-26; Orlando Nov 1; Tampa Nov 2; Spring Valley Nov 8; Bahamas Nov 10-17; Miramar, FL Nov 17-24; Jacksonville, FL Nov 29; Palm Bay Nov 30.

Updated: October 2, 2014


A Summer Of Nazareth

demoTibob/Prince Djecko/Roi David have spent one of the most eventful summers in the Nazareth ministry. Countless number of souls were blessed in Martinique, Ottawa, Bahamas, Orlando, Montreal, Ohio, Haines City (FL), Stamford (CT) through revival preaching and singing/praising/worshipping. God is so faithful.

Updated: October 2, 2014

Tibob's Musical Walks through Life

Mantoute (of Languichatte) summarizes the impact of Tibob's music through the spiritual revolution engendered by the mega hit song: GADE M LA TOUJOU.

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The Artist

Every once in a while, an artist will push one last envelope despite the many biases and forces acting against new rising stars. Depending on talent reserves, connections and above all luck, new voices and new faces come and go. Even in the absence of a clear mathematical formula, a very few always find what it takes to sustain the euphoria of the first moments of success. Somehow, Tibob de Nazareth has found the lasting magic to seal his name and his voice in the heart and soul of everyone involved in the Haitian Music Industry: promoters, journalists, radio announcers, youth and professional organizations and particularly, the Caribbean public from Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Martin, Haiti scattered all over the world.

He was the lead singer of some top secular bands of Haiti, including D’Zine. His music hits had earned him a “place d’élite” in the Haitian Music Industry (HMI). His romantic yet very strong style of singing, coupled with his zouklike soul brings a new sound to the market.


The Man of God

His conversion to Christianity has initiated a true revolution in the Gospel sector of the HMI. His mesmerizing style of both his artistic performance and spiritual depth of his lyrics electrifies crowds in a way never experienced before. MEGA HITS: "Gade m La Toujou", "Loure m ap Loure", "Kòd la Kase", "Nou Pa Pè", "Anba Gras la", "Istwa Damou", "Li Konnen m La", "Mwen pa ka Jwe"... have become the national anthems of Chritian believers and non-believers alike.


The Anointment

A ministry without anointment is like a soulless man. A music ministry without the hand of God manifesting His presence through the songs and even the performances is but a mere music career which doesn't advance the cause of Christ on earth. Through the thousands of people who came to Christ as a direct or indirect result of Tibob's music, through the millions who have come to serve God better, through the millions who are still finding confort, encouragement and faith thanks to Tibob's songs, there's no doubt that God has made Tibob's music a vessel through which He accomplishes miracles. You can't listen to those songs without feeling the presence of the Lord. The "musicality" becomes an afterthought. The message takes over and the Kingdom of God is in operation. Like one of the music critics puts it,

Tibob's songs are like strong sermons summarized in 5-7 minutes for people to drink regularly as spiritual pills for their souls.


Musical Influence

As unique as Tibob's music style is, as creative and innovative his beats, rhythms and colors are on the hearts and the minds, he has had some serious musical influences in his life. And those influences have helped shape the uniticity of his own musical soul.

French Contemporary genre has played a big role in the earliest formation of Tibob's music concept. Although immersed in hardcore konpa since his early age, it was the group ZEKLE who really attracted him. For Tibob, Joel Widmayer is a demi-God of Haitian music. He started to sing so much like him that many of his friends would be mistaken when hearing ZEKLE. They would think it's Tibob singing. The arrival of Zin with one of Tibob's friends and "vocal" model, ALAN CAVE, gave him what he was looking for: a soft melodious layer to accompany the punch and strength offered by Joel's style. He combined the two styles and created his own singing genre that, at first, resembled the Zouk singing style. Through the years, after thousands of performances and adjustments, Tibob's voice becomes something that begs for a special and unique place in the music industry.

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A Musical Revolution for a Shower of Blessings
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